Minnie Got Skinnie Fitness Belt

I’ve been a fan of waist-training for many years now and have literally tried out every kind of trainer, wrap and cream available from velcro to hook and eye and even latex; each has their merits and specific benefits yet the fitness belt is by far my favourite because it doesn’t dig into the ribs, can’t scratch the hips, pinch or catch the skin thanks to its soft and comfortable fully adjustable design. Available in a range of colours and sizes this unisex Fitness Belt by Minnie Got Skinnie is perfect for the gym being both a high quality waist shaper and ideal everyday garment to discreetly slim down the mid-section whilst building core strength.

Minnie Got Skinnie Fitness Belt

Created using the highest quality neoprene material this fitness belt is designed specifically to aid in weightloss. Personally I find using waist trainers trains my mind as well as my body because I immediately feel slimmer and more healthy when I slip it on and because of the positivity boost I make healthier lifestyle choices throughout the day and don’t snack as much or overeat – all a step closer to being slimmer, healthier and stronger. The fitness belt also corrects posture which makes me stand tall and proud when I’m wearing it rather than slouching and slumping whenever I see a sofa. It’s also ideal for postpartum muscle recovery as my stomach muscles were non-existent after having my two children, the belt works incredibly well when lifting young children as it provides the structure and support necessary for new mums to move safely – an essential step to rebuilding core strength after pregnancy. Equally in professional bodybuilding and everyday training at the gym the added core and back support activates the abdominal muscles and stimulates perspiration to target and accelerate fat loss around the mid-section for faster and more defined results. And it’s also pretty handy to wear under clothes whilst doing the housework, cooking dinner or even at the office.

Minnie Got Skinnie Fitness Belt

The belt features a double velcro fastening making it super quick and easy to adjust as your size and shape changes and in the past I’ve worn rigid waist trainers that have left me aching, chaffed and sore which I’ve had to remove after an hour or two because of the discomfort which ultimately delays the results. The wonderful thing about this fitness belt is that the soft fabric body moulds perfectly to my stomach and hips without becoming rigid or bulky as we all come in different shapes and sizes and I certainly wasn’t born with a perfect hourglass figure – but with it’s help I can achieve one! This gives me full control to apply as much support and pressure as I require at any given time, which I find myself tightening across the duration of the day as my body becomes more accustomed.

Due to its slim and compact size it’s ideal for the gym, doesn’t squeeze the ribs, dig into the hips, cause muffin-top or gather up back fat which makes me feel so much more confident when wearing it. Waist training has come such a very long way in the past few years; I’ll take effective results and wearable comfort over ‘no pain no gain’ any day!

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