A Michelin Star Night-In: My Vegan Takeaway Feast By Atul Kochhar

Confession: after the most hectic week, having burned the candle at both ends and multitasked my way through working and entertaining my two children at home from school from half term, a healthy, delicious meal still remains an absolute non-negotiable for me.

Enter the glorious existence of the takeaway – but not just any takeaway. I indulged in a culinary adventure far beyond the usual greasy pizzas and questionable curries available in abundance on local fast food apps. I treated myself to a Michelin-starred vegan Indian feast from chef Atul Kochhar’s stunning Hawkyns restaurant in Amersham.

Atul Kochhar is a legend in the culinary world, with two Michelin stars under his belt, but isn’t primarily known for his vegan offerings. His Hawkyns restaurant in Amersham has a stunning vegan takeaway menu, showcasing the vibrant flavours and culinary artistry of India, all plant-based. And let me tell you, it was a revelation for my senses!

Atul proudly brings pan-Indian dining to his modern Indian restaurant in the breathtaking 16th century coaching inn at the heart of Old Amersham, in Buckinghamshire. Paying homage to his love of traditional Indian cuisine, whilst exploring innovative and modern British touches, he has curated the most exquisite gourmet dining experience in a quintessential English market town.

A wonderful setting for couples, social gatherings and families alike; the restaurant provides first-class service, ever friendly staff and the most flavoursome menus which are a feast for all diets and lifestyles. Each menu has been inspired by Atul’s passion for traditional recipes with a contemporary twist to celebrate quality local produce, dynamic flavours and authentic Indian cuisine at its very finest.

My vegan take-out consisted of: Purple sprout broccoli porial, aubergine bhaja, broccoli tikki, mushroom masala, yellow dal, Tandoori roti, steamed white rice and a trio of desserts.

Each dish was a symphony of textures and tastes, a testament to Chef Kochhar’s masterful understanding of spice and flavour balance. Not only was it entirely plant-based, healthy and satisfying, but an absolute explosion of joy for my taste buds. The portion sizes were equally generous, making it a hearty feast for two, or a couple of sittings if you enjoy having your meal spread over a day.

Vegan food can be somewhat hit and miss when it comes to eating out, let alone having a takeaway. More often than not, restaurants see vegan friendly or dietary requirements as an inconvenience, or minor addition to their main menu. They tick a box to cater for all without actually putting their heart and soul into it – hence why you’re left with one or two choices for non-dairy, gluten free, vegan or vegetarian options whilst carnivores have twenty or so dishes in comparison.

As a result of this, I have spent a lifetime lovingly cooking at home, learning to nurture and celebrate every aspect of a plant based diet from the heat, flavour, texture and spice in each and every ingredient combination possible. When you fine-tune the foods that you love most and make you feel good, it becomes pretty difficult to eat out and enjoy another persons cooking in the same way, knowing it has not been curated your individual and specific palate.

Atul has undoubtedly knocked it out of the park yet again with this vegan takeout. Each dish is so lovingly prepared, cooked expertly to perfection and presented so beautifully – even within food containers for which I plated my meal up at home.

To say that this meal warmed my soul is an understatement. Each and every last bite was an absolute delight, from the sumptuous aubergine to the crunch of the broccoli tikki, the fluffy white rice with comforting dal and the juicy earthen richness of the broccoli. This meal was certainly no addition to such existing culinary excellence, it is a stand alone celebration of plant-based expertise in its own right.

But this meal wasn’t just about the food for me – although, let’s be honest, itwas amazing – it was about treating myself to a special experience as an act of self-love and consideration. It was a well deserved night off from cooking, a chance to savour delicious, high-quality food in the comfort of my own home, and a reminder that indulging in a takeaway can be healthy and exciting, all at the very same time.

So, if you’re looking for a way to elevate your next night off, or simply give yourself a well-deserved treat, then I highly recommend checking out Atul Kochhar’s Hawkyns vegan menu. You may just discover that Michelin-starred quality doesn’t have to exclude dietary requirements or compromise on taste.

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