Embracing Nature In Every Meal With Sustainable Coconut Bowls

Single-use plastics are a plague on our planet, choking our oceans and filling our landfills. While many of us are striving to reduce our reliance on them, sometimes finding eco-friendly alternatives can feel overwhelming. But what if the answer was staring us in the face by literally growing on trees?

Enter the humble coconut bowl. These lovingly handcrafted beauties may just be the sustainable swap that you’ve been searching for. Made from discarded coconut shells that would otherwise be burned or tossed, they offer a unique and practical solution to our plastic problem. So let’s dive into the reasons why…

Waste Not, Want Not:

Coconut bowls are the epitome of upcycling. They utilise a natural byproduct, transforming “waste” into beautiful and functional tableware. This not only keeps shells out of landfills but also reduces the demand for virgin materials used within plastic production.

Biodegradable Bliss:

Unlike their plastic counterparts, coconut bowls are completely biodegradable. When they reach the end of their lifespan, they simply decompose back into the earth, leaving no harmful traces behind. Talk about going full circle!

Sustainable Sourcing:

Many coconut bowls come from ethical farms that prioritise fair labor practices and sustainable harvesting techniques. By choosing these bowls, you’re supporting responsible businesses as well as contributing to a healthier planet.

Naturally Unique:

No two coconut bowls are alike! Each one boasts its own distinctive shape, size, and markings, adding a touch of rustic charm to your table. They’re not just bowls, they’re conversation starters!

Versatile Vessels:

Don’t be fooled by their simple beginnings. Coconut bowls are surprisingly versatile. You can use them for serving smoothies, salads, acai bowls, or even storing small items like jewellery or keys. Get creative and why not discover all of the ways that they can enhance your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Let’s All Make The Switch:

If you’re ready to ditch the plastic and embrace the tropics then here are some top tips on how to get started:

  • Shop responsibly: Try to look for vendors who source their bowls ethically and sustainably
  • Clean and care: Follow proper cleaning and care instructions to ensure that your bowls last a long time
  • Spread the word: Share your love for coconut bowls with friends and family, inspiring them to make the switch to!

Every year billions of coconut shells are discarded and burned as waste, so Coconut Bowls set upon transforming them into the most beautiful eco-friendly bowls in the world instead. A certified B Corporation, CB have been verified to meet the highest standards in ethical, environmental and social performance, accountability and transparency.

Their simple, elegant and sustainable coconut bowls are lovingly handcrafted to inspire a connection to the environment whist addressing the global issue of unnecessary waste as they turn creativity into positive change to create a better future for all. Since 2016, CB have taken over 1,000,000 discarded waste items, including coconut shells, turning them into practical, everyday products which marry natural beauty with sustainability.

Dedicated to improving the livelihoods of their rural artisans, coconut farmers, and families in Vietnam and Indonesia, their work creates a ripple effect of positive change to improve countless lives and communities on their quest for a brighter and greener future.

These beautiful bowls are not only renewable, compostable, and durable but they also make a powerful statement against the plastic pollution crisis that is upon us, inspiring others to reconsider their consumption habits as we can peacefully and lovingly encourage others to join the movement towards sustainability.

Every purchase of a Coconut Bowl is not just a statement of personal choice, but a heartfelt social responsibility, giving back to both people and our planet to provide above living wages to artisans and contribute to a better world. CB have contributed over $100,000 to environmental and humanitarian charities through their sales whilst building a wonderful community of like-minded individuals with a passion for sustainability, innovation, and positive impact.

These beautiful coconut bowls can last a lifetime, but as with all natural products they can be unpredictable. That’s why if one of their products ever crack or break they happily offer a free replacement which I find incredibly reassuring.

I hand wash my coconut bowls, cutlery and straws to keep them at their best and love starting my day with a bowl of fruity protein porridge, a smoothie or rice, peas and lentil meal prep to keep good health, sustainability and mindfulness at the forefront of all that I do.

I personally find that the materials that we use and interact with throughout our day play a big part in how we experience and enjoy each moment; bringing nature into my home and supporting the environment automatically makes me feel innately more thankful, have patience and take my time when eating and drinking and consider my actions towards others and the world as a whole.

By choosing coconut bowls, you’re not just reducing your plastic footprint, you’re making a conscious decision to support a more sustainable future for all. So go ahead, embrace the natural beauty and unique charm of these tropical treasures. Your taste buds and the planet will thank you for it!

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