The Easiest Way To Go Vegan

My friends, family, colleagues and social media followers ask me all the time for tips on how to be vegan and what to do when temptation for meat and dairy becomes too much.

So I thought I’d share some of my tips and tricks here to help you to introduce plant-based nutrition to your diet and hopefully this will help whether you want to test out just a few days meat and dairy free each week or go all out green and become a fully fledged vegan! Whatever stage the stage of your transition, this will work wonders!

Buying Vegan Sweets Is The Easiest Way To Go Vegan

Think of this as a vegan starter kit if you will. Now we all have fruit and vegetables -hopefully- already to hand in our homes, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary to strive for five-a-day or even seven-a-day if you already enjoy the taste of healthy, wholesome foods.

But I tend to find that the area people slip up on most when trying to convert to veganism is in their cravings for sweets, treats and junk food. So this is where you should start! Don’t ditch everything you love suddenly for a bland salad and a glass of water, take baby steps and buy some vegan sweets instead! After all, it’s never fun to starve yourself on a crash diet and end up bingeing on food after, so make small vegan-friendly switches instead for the foods that you currently enjoy.

Start Your Vegan Journey With The Treats That You Love Most Then Introduce Others

Yes you heard that right – make veganism fun and you’ll be far more likely to succeed. Two products that I highly recommend to help you to transition to plant-based living is a delicious dairy free treat and a bar of vegan friendly hand soap.

Think about how many times you wash your hands everyday – if you’re a clean freak like me and always cooking then it may be close to around twenty or thirty times a day – so it’s safe to say cleansing is a routine we all partake in. Picking up a bar of vegan soap is a beautiful reminder of the healthier cruelty-free lifestyle that you’re striving to achieve; the more you think about it the more prominent it will be in your mind and you’re more likely to stay on track and succeed. Hoorah for positive reinforcement!

Handmade Luxurious Vegan Soap Is A Positive Reinforcement Throughout The Day

Personally, I love Vegan Allsorts for their handmade soaps and plant-based sweets; with ingredients such as olive oil, coconut butter, Shea butter and avocado oil, the soaps smell amazing and are so luxurious and gentle to sensitive skin – which my children adore and it works wonders in both hot and cold temperatures when skin easily dries out from extremes. All soaps are unisex and plastic free as the cellophane that they are wrapped in can be composted in a food bin which is a big thumbs up for the environment too.

The Fizzy Mega Bag is my favourite vegan sweet selection, with over twenty different sweets it’s a pick and mix for the tastebuds and my children say they taste fruitier and nicer than regular sweets which contain meat-fats and additives. Start your journey into veganism positively with something you’ll look forward to and then add a new item at a time from there; changing your lifestyle isn’t a punishment or a chore, it should be uplifting, inviting and leave you feeling great from within.
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