5 Simply Ways To Add St. Lucian Seamoss To Your Life!

Seamoss is a type of seaweed which has gained enormous popularity in recent years for its many natural health benefits due to its rich nutrient profile. So, let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of seamoss and ways that you can add it to your diet and lifestyle.

Crucial for thyroid function, regulating metabolism and energy levels, seamoss boasts a high iodine content, aiding those with iodine deficiency-related conditions like hypothyroidism. It is also packed with antioxidants which combat free radical damage, reducing oxidative stress linked to chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Seamoss is a good source of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, essential for bone health, muscle function and nerve transmission as well as being rich in fiber, it promotes gut health, digestion, and supports weight management by keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

The fiber content and natural prebiotic properties promote a healthy gut microbiome which has been linked to improved digestion, immunity and overall health as well as playing a role in lowering bad cholesterol and managing blood sugar levels to benefit heart health. Other lesser known benefits include assisting with fertility, muscle recovery and skin health.

5 Ways To Use Seamoss:

  1. Smoothies: You can blend fresh seamoss with your favourite fruits, vegetables, milk or yogurt for a nutritious and delicious smoothie. The seamoss will add a subtle gel-like texture and a boost of essential minerals.
  2. Soups and stews: Why not try adding fresh seamoss to your soups and stews during the last few minutes of cooking for a thickening effect and added nutrients. The seamoss will absorb the flavours of the other ingredients and add a slightly briny taste to the dish.
  3. Puddings and desserts: You can use fresh seamoss to thicken puddings, custards and other desserts. The seamoss will add a silky smooth texture and a boost of nutrients. You can also use it to make vegan gummies by simply adding fruit juice and agar agar.
  4. Topical applications: It’s simple to make a seamoss gel by boiling fresh seamoss in water until it softens and then blending it until smooth. The gel can then be used as a face mask or hair treatment which helps to hydrate and nourish the skin and hair.
  5. Condiments: Finally you can use fresh seamoss to make pesto, salsa or many other condiments. The seamoss will add a unique flavour and texture to your creations for which you can be as adventurous as you wish.

Why Buy From The St Lucian Seamoss Company?

Mr. Julien Jean-Pierre is the Co-founder of The St.Lucian Seamoss Company, originally from Toronto in Canada, but now living part time in sunny St.Lucia. Reintroduced to seamoss around the summer of 2019, he had previously heard about seamoss, but had yet to understand its many health benefits. At that time, he realise how difficult it was to find quality seamoss locally, and so he travelled to the other side of Toronto to source some for himself.

Speaking to the elderly lady who sold it, he asked her how and where she buys it from and was surprised to discover that she didn’t have a reliable source. In fact, she bought her seamoss at the local Caribbean grocery store who only sold it in tiny 4oz packs! After a spot of research he discovered that St. Lucia has some of the very best seamoss in the world and so he immediately planned a trip.

After spending a few weeks trying to find a good source for seamoss, he realised that nobody would recommend a seamoss farmer to him without wanting a percentage of the revenue, and traditional seamoss farmers didn’t advertise their services. He was therefore introduced to his now business partner by a family friend, and together they source and sell some of the best seamoss on the island whist offering exceptional customer service; and so the St.Lucian Seamoss Company was born!

Whilst building a new business presented many challenges, they have quickly grown into one of the best providers for consistently high quality seamoss from St.Lucia, if not the world. Unlike other sellers who source from one or two seamoss farmers, they have build trustworthy longstanding relationships with many who have lovingly farmed seamoss since the 1970’s. They also work closely with, and buy from, all of the registered Seamoss Associations in St.Lucia, and as a result of this have several farms that we they have either partnered with or own.   

These strong business relationships and ethics mean they always have access to a large supply of fair trade seamoss of the highest quality. Being fair to the farmers is paramount to ensuring they will always have a supply from 1lbs to 5000lbs. Their innovative and fair business has allowed them to expand to two fulfilment locations in North America, one in Toronto and one in Atlanta, allowing them to now quickly and affordably ship orders in a matter of days rather than weeks.They are currently in the process of opening additional fulfilment locations in the United Kingdom and Bermuda and proudly ship worldwide.

Before using fresh seamoss, you simply rinse it thoroughly with water to remove any sand or debris, and can soak it in water for a few hours to soften it before use. I love adding mine to my morning smoothies to start my day with optimum nutrition and fuel my healthy, active lifestyle. How will you use yours?

Use code “TRACYKISSDOTCOM” at St Lucian Seamoss for 10% off of your order.

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